New Take Two Series 2016

Wear and share your favourite Neela Vermeire Creations parfums whenever you wish to.

Enjoy our 60 ml full flacons at home and carry the Take Two perfumes wherever you go.

There are 15 ml x 2 bottles in separate boxes inside the main box so you can gift or share your favourite perfume with ease or keep one in your work bag and one in your office. It has been done to make your life simpler.

Available very soon in Jovoy in Paris and some of our other retailers.

Stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.










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Happy Autumn, Happy Spring! Some NVC news….


Happy Autumn NVC friends! Hope you are all well.

We have a new and easy to use website and you should be able to view and order our products from a computer, iPad or a smartphone.  Do sign up for our NVC news on the website.

We have also been busy with new creations, participating in several events and meeting with our existing retail partners.  You will be pleased to learn that our newest creation Pichola has been a great success. We hope you get to try this in the near future.

Wishing you a beautiful autumn or spring where you are.

Be well.



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To know more about NVC and our universe – please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook….

If you wish to know more on how we coped with the stresses (and delays) of various May national holidays in France…

For us – planning everything to the last detail is the key.

During the actual “holidays’ – when we could not work – we spent exploring several magnificent exhibitions in the Paris area. There is Velazquez, American Icons, Bas-fonds du Baroque, Bonnard, Gaultier and many more…

We were unable to attend a very important presentation (as it was held last minute) in the south of France due to the ridiculously high travel fares during the Cannes Film Festival and yet another long holiday weekend. This would have been a great PR opportunity for the brand.

Please follow us for some images, thoughts and readings on

NVC Twitter @neelavermeire

and several images on Instagram @neelavermeirecreationsofficial

Please visit our Facebook Page – Neela Vermeire Creations, Parfums Paris

Perfume of the day is Pichola EDP. Check our for more information.

Hope you have managed to remain wonderfully fragrant and calm during this rather strange period wherever you are.

All best wishes for a fabulous week.


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Hello to all NVC friends after all these months…or was it a year or more?

As some of our friends know, we have just launched our newest creation Pichola.

It took us over a year to create the fragrance, test and finally start selling.

Nothing happens overnight or in a hurried manner – contrary to what you may think happens behind the scenes in the world of independent perfumes.

If you wish to know more about the newest creation – please visit our website

In case you are curious to experience this beauty, do visit one of our retail partners. If you live far from any of our retailers, please visit our website boutique and with any purchase – we will be sending out a sample of Pichola EDP for you to try.

Hope you enjoy a fragrant (allergy free) weekend.

Till soon.


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New NVC flacon designed by Pierre Dinand

New NVC flacon designed by Pierre Dinand

While our basic web store is being reworked on – Ashoka and the new flacons of our first trio are available for sale. Please contact us for shipping prices. Each discovery set currently shipped has a sample of Ashoka EDP. Thank you!

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Neela Vermeire Créations Ashoka – Poderoso y magnánimo

Té de Violetas

La pequeña pero excelente colección de Neela Vermeire es precisa en concepto e impecable en ejecución. Neela -la fuerza creativa- y Bertrand (Duchaufour, el nariz detrás de estas creaciones) son una asociación celestial. Más allá de la alta calidad de sus ingredientes, los perfumes tienen una capacidad de conmover que no se encuentra muy a menudo. Es casi como si tuvieran alma.

Aunque las tres primeras fragancias de la línea (Trayee, Mohur y Bombay Bling) me habían causado una impresión muy favorable, no tenía demasiadas expectativas sobre Ashoka, su creación más reciente. Sabía que Ashoka presentaba una prominente nota de hoja de higuera y, si bien desde mi niñez siempre disfruté del aroma de los higoshojas y madera de higuera, resulta difícil encontrar una interpretación que no sea demasiado literal. El olor de los higos es dulcemente reconfortante: siempre lo he asociado con juegos de infancia y con dulce de…

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Coming Home – Review: Neela Vermeire Creations Ashoka

Ashoka EDP soon to be launched in autumn 2013 reviewed here by Birgit from Olfactoria’s Travels. Enjoy!

Olfactoria's Travels

Ashoka is Neela Vermeire’s and Bertrand Duchaufour’s fourth creation, presented in Milan and set to be launched in September of this year.

The first three scents of Neela Vermeire Creations are incredibly complex, beautiful and moving portraits of India (see my reviews of Trayee, Mohur and Bombay Bling!), Ashoka is another India-inspired fragrance, but to me it feels decidedly different than its siblings.

Let’s take a closer look.


Ashoka was created by Bertrand Duchaufour in 2013 and includes note of fig leaf, leather, white lotus, pink lotus, mimose, fig tree, osmanthus, rose, water hyacinth, vetiver, styrax, incense, sandalwood, myrrh, tonka bean and balsam fir.

The perfume is named after Indian Emperor Ashoka, it is

 “a tribute to an emperor who was conquered by his own compassion at the moment his victory was assured. He converted to Buddhism and devoted the rest of his life to spreading the Buddha’s teachings, to…

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मुद्रा मुहर मातृ दिवस Mohur Mother’s Day 2013

A fragrant tribute NVC Mohur on Mother’s day by The Fragrant Man. Thank you for your impressions and the story.

The Fragrant Man


Today is Mother’s Day and we have tales, legends and true stories to delight your day. Mothers, Sons, Princesses, Perfumers, a side trip to Kafka’s salon, and even an Empress make appearances today on The Fragrant Man. In the statue above the Mother’s hand is in a position called a mudra in Hindu and Buddhist art. Lets see where this mudra leads us…

Mum’s most loved perfumes are Red Roses by Jo Malone and Chanel No. 5. She tries many perfumes via The Fragrant Man but these two remain her preferred choices by a long way.

This year I wanted to find her a new rose that would become beloved. Via a Neela Vermeire Discovery set I came across Mohur and knew immediately that this was Full-Bottle-Gift-Worthy. More high-end niche houses should offer smaller bottles so one can decide whether to commit to the high-end niche price.

My parents…

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An interview in Milan with

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Thank you @Perfumeshrine for the three NVC trio reviews




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